Fallcrest is a small town located on the border river Fey, on the far eastern reaches of its lording city state Tir. Fallcrest plays an important role in Tir. It is the only easy way into the territory from the eastern side due to it having the only bridge across the Fey river in the territory.


3000 with a few hundred more living just outside the town. Mostly human, halfling, half-orc, and orc. Travelers of all races past through usually following the trade route


Lead by a human noble by the name of Aldric Moore. He is in charge of all matters involing justice,law, and defense. Every other matter is handled by a council that Aldric appoints.


Fallcrest has two distinct districts sperated by a semi-steep bluff. The High district as they call is where most of the trading is done in town. The rich live in the high district only allowing the poor to enter when being use as all but slave labor. The Lowers is a very cramped place many people crowded in their poor market places. Thief runs rampant. There is much unrest in the lowers only waiting for a leader to lead the peasents in revolt.


The guard consists of 50 permanent soldiers posted in the barracks. Aldric is able to call up 300 militia if there is a need.


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