Yarmin Isle

Travel to Tir

The party left the cave, taking Krunk, the notes, and the cloaks to the mayor of Fallcrest. They were then sent to visit Xan’tish in Tir. On the road to Tir, they were confronted at a bridge by 3 bandit type fellows and successfully passed their skill check to continue on (100 XP). The droods ;) noticed that there were 4 or so other men hiding in the bushes. The successfully made it to Tir (25 explorartion XP) in the late afternoon and were turned away from seeing Xan’tish.

After being turned away they continued to the Gnomepunters Tavern and stayed the night. Sent to Kursk (Sam), to infiltrate the organization and find out who the true leader is. The party continued back to Fallcrest. Along the path, Spike found some money and didn’t share!

Afterwards they need to get a report for Borim Goldhammer, in Winterhall.

  • 100 XP- skill check
  • 25 XP- Exploration of Tir
  • 100g- info to Xan’tish
  • 50g- returning to Aldric with Krunk, cloaks, and info.
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